JXD S5110 preloaded content:


To download a good pre-installed into the a S5100 root directory (apks / the roms / pictures / …)

S5110 Upgrade Method

Before Upgrade

1. Backup all the materials in the device, all the files will be cleared after upgrade;
2.Put the firmware of S5110(factory_update_param.aml,patch.zip,uimage_recovery,update.zip,u-boot-aml-ucl.bin)  in the root menu of a TF card, as the following picture shows:

Upgrading Steps:

1. Insert DC 5V 500mA
2. Upgrade Method: Press Back and POWER button meanwhile in the poweroff state, then it will show upgrad ubooting…,which means upgrading. It cannot be out of power in upgrading, and the device will reboot automatically after upgrading successfully.
3. Upgrade new firmware, including UBOOT and System software. You can upgrade the UBOOT only in the first time, which means in the future upradings, you can just upgrade the firmware. So it is normal to appear UBOOT Upgrade Failed after upgrading.
4. After entering into the system, calibrate the screen and then appears UI interface


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