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Feature of product:
1.7 inch IPS Screen 1920X1200px, the visual experience is much better .
2.Quad Core 1.8GHz ,ARM Cortex-A17 ,GPU:ARM MAIL-T764.
3.4GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB EMMC(Soupport 128GB TF card).
4.10000mAh battery, long use of time.
5.The 4th Generation Buttons Mapping For Better Operation Experience.
6.Andriod 5.1 system, Bluetooth: 4.0,5M Front Camera,1080P HMDI output.
7.Full-featured button, dual 3D joystick, giving you the best game control experience .
8.Supports Andriod Games,PC Games,Support PSP, PS, NDS, GBA et cetera 18 simulators Games.

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