Ineffable game Control Experience

Full function buttons, dual 3D joysticks, controlled by both hands with fulfilling grip feeling

The Trigger Buttons

The classic double LR arc button design, key support, your finger does not slip;

The cross button

Separate independent design, with soft high sensitivity conductive adhesive, ensure precise directional operation.

Dual 3D Joysticks

Japan Alps original 3D joysticks, high accuracy, the rotational life is up to 5 million times.

The Function Buttons

A/B/X/Y buttons with mirror polishing technology, also combined with ×○□▲ mode, more convenient for game controlling.

Buttons Layout

The distance between the keys are close, but not crowded. Also the span is small, easy to control.

The Grip

Heterogeneous and small diameter external processing, chimeric game grip, fulfilling grip feeling, fit your hand type.

Japan Alps Original Joysticks

International top joysticks/ 0°Blind positioning/The pursuit of accuracy for professional gamers/2 million times of use life

Alps joystick is famous internationally, S192K used the same type of joystick as Xbox and PS4, perfect handfeel.

0°Blind positioning, moderate joysticks damping, 360°smooth rotation, rapid rebound reaction. With precise operation and excellent complete instructions, it’s popular with professional gamers.

Superior quality, the use life of Alps joystick is up to 2 million times, the normal ones only get 1 million times.

Intimatedouble Modes Identification Ergonomic Button Layout

Both A/B/X/Y buttons and cross buttons (D-Pad) are used mirror polishing technology, the button layout fit ergonomic design, satisfy the thumb sliding radius, own comfortable user experience.

The Cross Button (D-Pad)

Arc Transition Edge

The croos button adopts four-ball positioning, four-ball as the fulcrum, precise positioning when 360-degree movement, ensure uniform gaps around the buttons, greatly enhances the handfeel when gaming.

Dual L/R Buttons

Fit Fingers Curved Arc Design

With comfortable handfeel, moderate intensity trigger. The longer buttons make a larger contact area with your fingers. Unique fit fingers curved arc design, it will be more comfortable and difficult to slide when pressing. It can be precisely controlled the brake and gas, bring a very exquisite gaming experience in the racing games.

The Back Groove Design Handle Grip Feeling

Make the gamers hold the device steadily, as well as reasonable distribute the weight of the device, reduce the fatigue resulting from gaming for a long time.